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In August 2016, Cards Against Humanity released two "America Votes" packs for the two presidential candidates: Vote for Hillary Pack and Vote for Trump Pack. Each pack contains 15 cards of jokes about the candidate. Designer Max Temkin said that the proceeds for both packs would go to Clinton's campaign regardless. The group began posting billboards under a PAC called the Nuisance Committee. Temkin named the PAC after his grandfather who was a Jewish POW in World War II, who formed a "nuisance committee" to try to annoy their Nazi captors without getting killed. In September the group posted a billboard in Chicago with the words: "If Trump is so rich, how come he didn't buy this billboard?". In October 2016, the Nuisance Committee posted a billboard in Dearborn, Michigan which was printed in Arabic text on a black background, reading "Donald Trump can’t read this, but he is scared of it". An Overwatch-themed Anti-Trump billboard was also posted in Orlando, Florida.